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Dr. Kimi’s Helpful Hints for Strong Bodies and Teeth
  • Jun122018

    Why are toddlers getting cavities?

    Did you know 27.9% of kids age 2-5 have dental caries? 51.17% of all children have tooth decay on their baby teeth during their childhood, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. What is creating this tooth decay epidemic? There are multiple components that contribute to tooth...

  • May182018

    How on earth do I brush my infant’s or toddler’s teeth???

    How on earth do I brush my infant’s or toddler’s teeth? This is a question I hear daily at my practice. What age do I need to start brushing and how do I brush my child’s teeth when I can’t even get them to sit still? Let’s focus on when...

  • May082018

    Tips for a Healthy Mouth

    Newborn to first tooth: At this time your baby is receiving its nutrients through milk. Make sure you wipe the milk from your baby’s gums and tongue every night before bed. Once teeth erupt it is important to wipe the milk from the teeth before bedtime and if they feed...

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