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Dr. Kimi’s Helpful Hints for Strong Bodies and Teeth
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May 08 2018

Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Newborn to first tooth:
At this time your baby is receiving its nutrients through milk. Make sure you wipe the milk from your baby’s gums and tongue every night before bed. Once teeth erupt it is important to wipe the milk from the teeth before bedtime and if they feed again in the night, wipe the milk off again. A washcloth or finger brush with water works great.

Your child has now discovered they love snacks and seems to want to snack all day. This is completely normal. It is however important to think how that constant snacking effects their teeth. Every time your child eats or drinks something besides water the pH drops in their mouth. This PH drop demineralizes the teeth. But they are hungry all the time, what can you do to help? Choose teeth healthy snacks. Non citrus fruits, vegetables, cheese and no sugar added yogurt. If drinking a healthy smoothly is part of their diet, do it with a meal, and with a straw. Try to limit juice to special occasions and limit milk to meals, and in between meals, drink only water. Brush every morning and every night with a soft toddler tooth brush using a natural toothpaste that is safe to swallow.

School years:
During school years kids should typically be eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. As with the toddler stage it is important to eat teeth healthy snacks in between meals and drink only water in between meals. Your child should be brushing at least twice a day, even better if they can brush after lunch or after school, and they should be flossing every night. At this stage I recommend an electric toothbrush like Sonicare kids with a natural toothpaste.

Hormones are surging, this effects not only your child’s attitude but also their oral health. These hormones can cause gum disease, making it extra important to care for their gums at this stage. This stage is typically when vending machines, sport Gatorade, and extra unhealthy snacking occurs. Remind your child the teeth they have need to last a hundred years and for that to happen they need to take care of them through their oral hygiene and diet. Brushing 3 times a day with an electric toothbrush like Sonicare and flossing before bed. Trying their best to eat an Alkaline diet and choosing teeth friendly snacks. Probiotics

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