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Dental Treatments

A regular cleaning is important for healthy teeth and gums. Our fabulous hygienists are great at putting your kids at ease while we “tickle” their teeth clean. We always make sure your child is comfortable. We have relaxing essential oils diffusing, cozy blankets, and your child’s choice of TV programming directly over their head. Our state of the art technology painlessly and effortlessly cleans away all plaque and calculus, restoring a healthy microbiome to your child’s mouth.

The cleaning doesn’t end there. We determine what would be best for your particular child based on age, diet, hygiene practices, and oral PH. Perhaps an ozone rinse would help them? Or maybe we can help alkalize their oral environment? Most importantly we teach oral hygiene techniques for parents and kids, based on age and interests. We teach you how brushing can change from a dreaded necessity to a fun activity at home.

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